Selling Rahkshi (and a few others)

Hi all, I’ve updated my selling inventory and have more bonks to sell. Please see listed sets below. Prices are posted or best offer. If you purchase in bulk we can work out a discount price as well. :slight_smile:
None of these come with canisters or instructions. Additional notes will be supplies below as needed.
I’m based in the US, but I can do International, but obviously the shipping will be a bit higher. Orders will be first come, first served. Thanks!



Toa Mata: Very good condition, SOLD

(There’s only one of each, I just liked how the second photo’s glowing eyes turned out.) :grinning:


Bohrok - Very good condition. No Krana, green rubber band was missing so I replaced it with a yellow one. $7.5 USD

Toa Nuva - Good condition, includes all extra pieces to change out their gear functions. $9 USD

^ SOLD ^


Rahkshi - Very good condtion. All but Guurahk have their Kraata included.
$10 USD (Guurahk $8 USD)




Visorak - Very good condition complete with ripcord and spinner. $10 USD


I am interested in lewa mata, onua mata, and Tahu Nuva.

oo nice!

Forgot to include a photo of the Visorak lol :grin:

I listed all of these together on ebay, can we close this topic? Thanks!

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