Send me a Moc Drawing Request

Round three. Fight!
Here’s the third batch of requests coming in. All around an interesting group of characters.

Lazarin, the Elder Serpent by @decepticonaiden

Kelt and Velta by @KAI_BORG

Gurthang the Avenger (Miramaxed) by @Leoxander


Thank you so much! It looks awesome! I’ve only drawn him once, but now I’m definitely going to draw him again!

I wasn’t quite sure if I should post this or not (mainly because it’s a very cartoony looking MOC, and your style is very different and realistic), but I figured I might as well do it.
Could you draw my Royal Lizard?


If you need more pics, here’s the link to the topic


Ah-haw-awesome! Kelt and Velta look glorious!
That’s an amazing take on both Kelt’s mask design, massive right arm, it’s tubes and Velta’s wings! I love it!

You’re an amazing artist and I can’t wait to see what you draw next!

Amazing art. If your still taking requests, Hikari here is interested.


It’s beautiful!

Sorry for the large delay between posts, but art fatigue is a pain. Still, you’ve guys have been waiting patiently for these, so here the s next fourth batch of characters.

Runa, the Bringer of Death by @Runa

The Crimson Gladiator by @CirkitPurple

Sovereign by @Calebmar12


Thank you, that looks absolutely stunning!

Words cannot express how awesome sovereign looks, thank you so much

I am massively impressed by how much detail you’ve put into these! My Crimson Gladiator in particular, with the torso, and the blade; even the knee-HF-add-on parts look right at home here. It just looks so… right, you know?

Thank you kindly, Perpetual! It was well worth the wait!

Fifth batch for the fourth of July. Odd how that worked out. Any ways, this has got to be the most experimental batch I’ve done so far, outside if my near Dark Souls-ifying of the Crimson Gladiator. Hikari probably is the most accurate to their original while I just ran to town with the Royal Lizard. Also, the Toa of Destruction is based off the model I saw here and the upgraded form from his official moc page here.

The Toa of Destruction by @Warrior_crafter

Royal Lizard by Altair

Mixel artstyle variation

Hikari by @Cocoa


My goodness, this is amazing! Thank you so much!

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Thank you so much! I love the fact that you made two different drawings to match both your style and the Mixels’. They’re amazing! (although I wish you had kept the tongue sticking out, but it’s a minor detail).

Realistic variation has it poking out slightly, though it’s more of a blep than anything else.

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Would you mind drawing my self moc?


Am I too late?


Please do my Self-MOC!!! I’m mainly interested in seeing different interpretations of his Kanohi Mengu

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You draw like a pro… Great Job!

Not sure if you are still active, but I would love to see a drawing of the last moc I posted here! Here is the link:

Creative license on your part is totally approved!

Very good artwork! Would you mind doing this older MOC of mine? I’d love to see him redesigned! I would love to see creative liscense taken as long as the aesthetic stays true to the original