Senshi, Leader of The Toa Gijutsu

This a Moc I like to Call Senshi (Sen-Shy), Toa of Technology, who is the leader of The Toa Gijutsu.
With this moc, I wanted to make it so that each member of the team (there are 3 in total) had an obvious personality, and I guess I did my best. The name for Toa Senshi comes from the Japanese word for warrior, senshi. I will be attaching more pics soon of the weapon and the built upon ccbs torso, but for now, here's this.

(EDIT) The weapon used is called a Tekunoburēdo, meaning Tech Blade in Japanese. You might be starting to find a trend here when it comes to names. Anyway, the blade is ment to be like a sword that would fit into the one who weilds it, making it easier to move it around. You may notice that I used a Hero Factory blade/shield part because it looked like it would fit into the "tech" style of Toa Senshi. Lastly, The stud attached to the sword is like a mark of who is using it, so say if one of the other toa used it, say tahu from the main story, it would be red.


Btw, if some are thinking on why it looks a bit basic, its my first attempt at a professional moc.

I think he's pretty simplistic, but it works here! Can his team use Hadoken? :stuck_out_tongue:

lol i get what you mean. I wanted to use Ryu, as its japanese for dragon. And to answer your question, most likely.

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The weapon is interesting, but the MOC itself is a little underwhelming. The flying Stormer drone doesn't work well as a chest plate, I would put a super chest there instead, and maybe beef him up a little. But some solid ideas.

Seriously, this is an acceptable small toa. The tech blade feels mediocre, but good job overall.

You forgot a Hadoken blaster.

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The Toa Dragon? Or are you referencing one of the twenty thousand Ryu characters that Japan pumps out every year?



The Next Members
Blonde Ryu
Girl Ryu
Evil Ryu
Evil Evil Ryu
Black Ryu
Joke Ryu


Btw, I mean dragon. I originally wanted to make them have a story about them including something to do with a dragon, but it ended up being about technology, which seems to be an element not noticed much apart from looks of weapons or something. SO I will change the name.

I was joking about all the Ryus. It was just a poke at Japanese writing. I figured thats what you meant.

I know its that I thought people would continue the jokes, so I gave a little info. Thanks for noticing, though

for older pictures, see here:

The MOC is really cool, but that sword is very creatively made!