Sentann: Toa of Fire V3 (Self-MOC)

Well, I wanted to get this one out of the way for now.

Toa Sentann is my almost retired Self-MOC (You Can Guess Why)

This version was posted on MOCpages on mid-July of 2015, and V4 will arrive shortly.

A Biography will be released on him later. (Laziness, Y’Know?)

Anyway, here is the teaser image…

And here is the MOC itself!

I just had to end this post with a fistbump.

Anyway, Sentann is my most popular MOC on MOCpages, with a total of 30 Likes.

Remember, criticism is always appreciated! Even if it is an old MOC, like this one.

Bye Guys!




maybe widen up the midsection.

otherwise he looks like a decent, if somewhat and somehow bland, self MOC

Due to the ball socket, the feet on the back of the legs look weird, overuse of silver and those inika shoulders…

maybe spice him up by adding or installing a weapon?

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other than the mid section looking a little too thin, i think this looks great

coughgeneric cough

Generic Toa of Fire with a Hau, torso is disproportionate, silver is bleh. 4/10

Maybe change the mask and the silver, and add more to the chest.

Saxton, oh my goodness, you’re on the Boards? Sure took you long enough. Anyways, you already know my opinions on this MOC. Good job! :smile:

He is very generic, yes, give him a blue Hau.

I like it! My only criticism is that it looks better in black and white. Also, I love the proportions! It reminds me of Rocky Balboa.

I really like the legs