Sepheria v3

I wanted to make a transforming vehicle for her

Sepheria herself is simplified but that’s to help with balance.

Board itself

Flight mode

The main reason this is v3; hunter mode. Includes new weapons, a jet pack, and sand based ski feet.

Secondary Rifle


Great stuff! I wish my Tavryn MOC could have come out more like this! The robe is used in a unique way, the gold armour is a great touch and I LOVE that headdress!

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I Love just how much play value and different functions this has (especially the dual axe mode with the extra parts on her back mostly because it reminds me of a transformer.) My only complaint would be the flight mode, while the figure is on the the board it looks fine. though by it self it looks a bit unfinished near the wings and the front.

Pretty good! I think the torso leaves a little to be desired, but the color scheme and overall design is aesthetically pleasing. I do spot a few areas of excess Technic I think could probably be cleaned up a bit though - most notably the back of the legs when the vehicle is stored on her.

Good job. It’s cool how her vehicle can be stored like that.

I’ve admittedly seen many Mocs that look very similar to this, with the Pohatu mask and the tan color scheme with the robe, but out of all of them, this looks (and functions) the best :ok_hand: