Serethus II - reborn

This ones been long in the making, as you may have seen from a few teasers around the boards... But it's finally here... Serethus, reborn in no other form than a Dragon!

Without the wings...

He is supposed to have a long body and short legs, as he is based off more of a Chinese dragon rather that a "lives in a cave and breaths fire" dragon

Tell me what you think...


those are usually called european dragons

anyway, this looks good! i really like the spine-spikes


well that looks awesome, but why are those legs so short?

This looks really cool. I like the wings a lot. :smile:

really cool, I like how you elongate the body

Fair enough, I couldn't think of a name... But thanks anyway!
@Asriel because he's supposed to be like a Chinese dragon, but thanks to you as well!

Fetch me another one Bob!

[Running sounds]


This looks really nice. Good job

I love the look of this thing.
I love the way the Torso is built.
The limbs don't seem to be the most complex thing, but that is not bad here.
The wings look good.
That head looks really groovy man.
I think it looks better when it is walking on all four legs.

Overall I think it is a pretty groovy MOC man, Diffidently has that Chinese dragon feel to it. I would love to know how to make that torso.


I might show how to make the torso at some point. Believe it or not it isnt't that complicated...

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The proportions are really weird,but he's good i guess.

I like him, however his wings are so bony they don't really work as wings.

Awesome! Really like it :smile:
(Mayn I really wan to Moc stuffs soon)

This looks really cool, but you should add more white around the lower parts of the MOC, as well as trans-blue to accompany the tail.

he's so stubby and cute what the heck
And @Yveran, I'm gonna have to disagree here. I like the idea of the head being sort of like a skull, and the segmented colors look pretty cool regardless.



Holy wow!

This is awesome! I can forgive the legs because he looks great on all fours, and the proportions are interesting when he's bipedal.

The head is beautiful, the wings are beautiful, body construction is beautiful.


Also, what happened to Kardymis? Did I miss something?

What do you mean what happened to Kardymis? And thanks a lot!

I mean, he looks different. Last time I saw him he was this:

But I see now I think you just added a coat and ditched the antenna.

Still looks awesome, though!

Yeah, there's that, and I redesigned the sword...