Serethus III WIP

Ayyyyyyyy an old character returns. Whether you all remember him or not I’m sure you’ll like it. Trust me on this one the phone camera doesn’t do it justice, but here it is.




May I ask where his lower legs might be. ~I also really enjoy the sculpting on this figure~

It is a WIP (Work In Progress). In other words it is not finished


Is that suppose to be a shovel or something similar?

This WIP is very nice, but I would either add a little more white, or change the mask.

It’s another weapon I’m making similar to Kardymis’ sword. It won’t be finished till September though so I may be posting the MOC without it and then posting it at a later date.

@Toa_Vladin The Idea of this character has been around since 2012, like all of my original characters. He’s always been all black with the white mask, and although I aggree with you, I do not intend on changing the character now. Since the MOC itself is mostly complete now, I am, however, looking at other accessories that I can add to make it a little bit more unique, and stand out more.

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I like the cohesiveness

looks nice and smooth… I love it! good job! I really can’t wait for the finished product.