Serethus - Unholy Ascendant

Been a while since I’ve posted a version of this dude, but I’ve finally made a version that I’m happy with:


My word! He wields the gauntlet! Awesome build, and that head choice is just perfect.

He has a washing up glove on. Cannot unsee.

But a brilliant looking MOC. Very good shaping all round. I would replace the angled pieces in the wings with click joints if you can though - you’d get more posing and not have obvious pinholes everywhere.


He’s got the gauntlet!
This is awesome, well done.

It’s kinda minimal but I like it, the gold hand is a cool detail. Does it stand?

That is truly amazing! But I still don’t understand why you chose a white head… It feels kinda out of place…


What is that hand design? I don’t ever recall seeing that, that’s really cool!

S-Tier work here!

All I can think of is that he has grafted the Hand of Vecna onto his body :stuck_out_tongue:

Very good shaping and attention to detail, as has been said. Is that the One Ring in the center of its chest?

Yeah I had 2 of them and thought it’d be nice to add to the chest without using a transparent stud or something