Sergita Hank [LDD]

“My brother is just an embarrassment for my people. Violence is fun for him but mine fills our people with honor!”

A fallen elite of the Rainbow Tyrant army, Sergita sharp will pierce through their enemy hopes for their people glory.


Is there any side view?

Wish it was physical.

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Seems pretty good, I guess.

There isn’t much to go on. The front and back view, yes, but there’s no side view or physical representation to show how well the poseability works. From what I can see, it looks like a fairly standard build. The red and grey, while a bit bland, is a consistent color scheme. One issue is the number of green or trans lime pieces along the upper torso and head. It doesn’t seem to go with the moc all that well. Adding more of the color along other areas might help, or removing the color entirely.

You made this on LDD?
That looks awesome


Okay that helps. And it looks great so far :slight_smile:

Good use of the trans orange sword.

Pretty decent i must say

Nice use of mixel joints!