Threw this together as part of a group ‘cyberpunk’ project. It ended up getting a lot more attention on Flickr than I thought it would, so I’ve posted it here too.


I don’t know why, but when I first looked at this, it almost didn’t look like Lego. Great job

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Sick as always

It looks like the 13th doctor’s tardis. I am a true nerd. :nerd:

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It looks like a really futuristic TARDIS console.

But we’ve already seen that one.

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Nice! It’s very sleek and the trans blue brings the futuristic look out a lot more.

almost looks like the heart of the tardis

Looks kind of like a sci if reactor (yes the tarsus but too). It could be an awesome concept if you involved it that way

Not much to say on this. It is very cool though.