Set Preview: 70785 Pohatu - Master of Stone (Comic Con Version)

Once again great review Var! clap
I honestly really like Pohatu and think that his simple body build still makes him look good. I think I will be getting him after I get Lewa.
I'm gonna just leave this here.


Barnicks are going to have a fun time with this

In 2001, we threw Lewa out the window so he could fly. In 2015, children will throw Pohatu's boomerangs only to find that they will never come back.

(Also they are going to throw Lewa out the window again.)


I still wish they had flipped his body upside down. frowning


I, for one, REALLY like Pohatu. I don't know what it is, he is just looks very cool to me.

Keep up the good work on the reviews!

Dat Huki/Burnt orange doe

Really? Why?

For some sort of nostalgia value of having the kicking function?

;Let's face facts here, people. Compared to his brothers and sister, Pohatu and Pohatu Nuva looked pretty terribad.

And with the new more humanoid look of CCBS, the wideness of the legs would be even more awkward, regardless of whether or not the gearbox fixes things or whatever.


It still would have been nice for him to have modified feet that resembled his Feet Additions regardless if his legs had a gear function or not.

I think that's why the Jeterangs attach to the feet, but it may not be as much of an omage as some may have liked.


He had my favorite build of the Mata.

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When I get this one thing I will do, is revamp it slightly
one thing I will add, is the new armour additions on the feet
makes it look like his feet additions

Now that you bring it up, I have no idea why they didn't do that. That would have worked amazingly

Well it looks like Kopaka is my favorite.

Pohatu looks nice, but the Toa of Ice is simply cooler.(Kicks self for stale pun)

Can't wait for Gali.


I think that might be an interesting revamp, having the gearbox used for moving a leg instead of the arm

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You don't even have to flip the body upside down, for @Nyran so Pohatu still looks humanoid. They could have figure out some way for him to kick or something.

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I think this may be one of the first sets a buy. Something about the simplicity of it, yet it's uniqueness really draws me to it. It looks so much better in set forum then the box art. I lot of people seem to be only OK with his boomerangs, I however, really like them.

So stoked for this set! smiley

Definitely like the mask. The spikes might make sense if LEGO was thinking of the insects of the desert. (sorta like the spikes on an insect's carapace) Not sure how I feel about the lemon/ lime bones.

Pohatu was always my favorite character of the Toa Mata. It's kinda sad he always gets the short end of the stick.

The backside of the box shows how the skull spider's legs fold up behind the head


Not sure if it was said, but pohatu lacks one piece on left arm!

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