Set Preview: 70789 Onua - Master of Earth (Comic Con Version)

The big guy himself, Onua!
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That mask looks more like the original Pakari than I thought.

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I'm really liking how the masks are made out of same type of plastic as the armour.


I just like that they're made of the same plastic as the 01 masks. from the pictures of Comic-con, they looked really cheap


Very nice review, as always. As for the set, yes. It is quite good.

And strangely, I feel like Onua is... missing something without the stickered chestplate (which I never thought I would ever say).


Well he is indeed a good looking set, might have to get them. May I say I kind of want just a shot of the Toa all together? I'm not sure if that's already planned though.



An issue that plagues many a Transformer


An actual good thing to come from Mech-Tech. (Sorry for the off-topic stuff)

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That's my boy 😪

I like the construction of his shoulder connections, and how they're more complicated than the others, giving him a more broad build. I also really like the way those extra ball joints are used to attach those armor pieces beneath his chest plate, making him look even bigger. And that trans purple is butifulz. Overall, a great set, even without the sticker on the chest. I really like the weapon too, and the convenient weapon storage on the back.

Why is it that after I get to see every set actually built and put together I suddenly realize that I have to get it?

But I'm also really looking forward to seeing Gali, I really like her color scheme and build for 2015.


Now, I am tempted to get onua first instead of gali..

I agree. I'm really happy with the way the new Pakari blends the original two.

Onua's my favorite set. he just looks so intense and menacing

Onua the Landlord looks awesome. His color scheme is very nice and probably the best out of all the toa. The only thing that I don't like is his weapon, it doesn't really look like a hammer to me.

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OMG! Landlord is best title for Onua open_mouth this need to become cannon smiley


This, might actually be one of the best sets of the wave.

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Cannon? Where?

(It's spelled canon, BTW)

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Onua is simply grand. He was my favorite from the initial leaks, and I'm glad to see that has not changed. smile



Yeah. Onua is a really nice set. Might see what I can do with his waist when I get him though. I looks a tad thin. I also think his hands look small with out the shovel claws so I may keep them on most the time. There is definitely a big difference in complexity between the Gold and Silver tier Toa. Not that thats a bad thing. Guess you have more bang for your buck and all that. I still Like Tahu and Kopaka more but Gali is up soon and she could really be a contender for top spot. Cant wait.

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Holy .... Sorry for not being freakin' native smiley And I'm not gonna fix it so if ya don't like it just don't look at it.

No offence bro wink