Seva II

Some update to Toa Seva’s construction, including the legs, and shoulder arrangement. I also replaced the scarf with a cape, so that’s a thing.


I love this so much. I love the painting on the Mask as well as just the overall color scheme and design choices. Great work.


@Invader_Rose, thank you very much.

While the painted mask and overall shaping look fantastic, the sword is definitely the worst part. I’ve tried the design before, and while this one’s infinitely less wobbly, it still suffers from being awfully large and bulking up the sword hilt impractically. Love the choices made to stylized the model otherwise, although any other minor issues would be with the pauldron and its placement in an otherwise streamlined body; from what little I know about armor, those things always go with asymmetric armoring.

But yeah, good MOC and all. Love it.

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I love when rare colors are used on a MOC, and you made great use of the dark brown CCBS shells here. I really like the color scheme and the painted mask is great.

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Woah. Cool.

It’s sooooooo shiny. Great job.

I love the gold color.

To look cool, you gotta need to have a torn cape. :relaxed:

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I like the thin design and colour scheme, good job!

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