~Seva the Legend~

So here's the awaited new Self-MOC of mine. I don't have a story yet, but I do have some stats for him.

Species: Toa

Strength: Male Average

Agility: Male Average

Personality: Introverted, but heroic guy. And he isn't afraid to crack a good joke, even if he takes it far. He is always there to give a hand, but with that said, he can be a little stubborn to accept help from others.

Weapons: Crystal Sword and Shield

More photos can be found on my Flickr! :smile:



Really nice, I like the cape

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amazing! the cape is great! the colours are solid, the sword is wonderful and the best of all is that painted mask!

torso pretty nifty too!

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It looks really nice, and conveys the hero look well.

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The mask is awesome!

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Thanks everyone. The cape is actually a scarf made from Rey cloth.

The moc is really dragged down by the feet, pretty much literally any other foot would look better.
That's really my only complaint, the moc is solid otherwise.

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I can't really find anything too bothersome about the design here; sure the feet are a little small, but other than that not bad.

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Looks solid; great work. The feet could probably use some more build though; maybe use Exo-force robot arms for toes or system pieces to fill it out a bit more?

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That mask looks awesome in gold.

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what element is he?

He's awesome and his color scheme is really nice. My favorite thing would be how stable and unbreakable the figure looks, which is relatively rare.

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Nice MOC! I like the sword and the color scheme. I think Ekimu's wheel is a bit to small to be a shield. I also like the cape.

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He doesn't really have an element. So I'm not sure.