Shǎndiàn Star - The Pride of China

Much like the Space Race of the 60s and the Arms Race of the 80s, the world’s top countries are always competing with other on the global stage. Today the race is to see which country can invent the greatest technologies.

The Shǎndiàn Star is China’s attempt to be the most dominant county in robotics. Parlaying their advances in solar power into supercharged electric batteries, this robot is a dynamo of pure awesome.

It features a myriad of weapons, most notably it’s “taser” style electric gauntlets. These can discharge bolts of electricity up to 75,000 volts at a distance of 20 yards. It also has jump jet capabilities which grant short bursts of flight.

Alt weapons

Back shot



You made orange and yellow go good together…that alone is an accomplishment :+1:


it looks like something from one of them chinese cartoons


I misread the title as “The Pride of Chima”

This looks nice.
The colors are good.
i cant think of anything else to say

I like how you did the colors and tied it in to actual china, rather than the world’s view of china.


Pretty cool looking. Looks like a Video Game comic space hero.


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Pride of China? Well its unique to say the least. As for the moc itself, it is flipping amazing! I love just about every part of this moc. The feet, the shins, the shoulders, the hands, the torso. This really is amazing.

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Yay! Solar power!

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Awesome work! It’s always cool to see something that may come in the future of our world, and seeing it look this good is awesome in its self. Nice job!

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