Shadah redesigning an old moc wip

So I was digging around my garage and found all my old bionicle stuff. Including my oldest mocs,I decided to redesign all three but as I'm am very rusty on I figured I'd get some advise on what is basically a beta for

This is Shadah Lord of land and air, all that crawl or fly fall under her domain. She is the youngest of her three siblings and constantly fights with her eldest brother, chaotix.
FYI My parts are a bit limited and the only CCBS I have are the 2015/16 Bionicle sets and I would prefer to keep them together as now I'm trying to recollect 10+ years of original sets and don't want to do it again in another 10 years.


Could you post some pictures of the back of her, and maybe put some white paper (or something like that) underneath her, so the legs can be more easily seen while standing up. Otherwise from what I can tell this looks like a good moc

The head is a bit small, and the color scheme is unoriginal, and not what I would expect for what she is. Other than that, looks good so far.

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yeah I wanted to change her color scheme but my colors are limited. most of my reds and gold are taken by Chaotix, while Terroa has blue and white. So I Decided to use her original color scheme.

I thinking of getting a couple lots off of eBay, so if I get enough good looking parts in the right colors I might change it.


Tip: don't use Nuva boobs. Try using silver Metru feet instead.
As for the Rahkshi head, it generally isn't a good choice for a head, but I'd argue that it fits here.