Shadaira The Nightmare Witch

the other day I was listening to this song ( and i was intrigued to build Lyla a nemesis which uses dark magic so here she is the Nightmare Witch herself Shadaira (Shad-air-a). both the mask and staff are based on very old Aztec culture, the chains coming out of her hand show that she has recently been in Hell. The white on her is teeth and bits of bone she found.
big reason why on her mask there's the greenish white tooth, its because i want to get that sense of realism having two different painted eye pieces.


Looks pretty cool, thought that waist look extremely thin


Nice combination of system and CCBS

Definitely very Aztec, but I think the bright red could be switched out for dark red, and it would work better. Also, for even more Aztec-ness, add some gold.

i am planning on a revamp already cause i thing i can do better

I'll look forward to it!

Creepy! I like it, very nice!

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because she was in hell and she is partly a zombie so shes dead no need for food that's why shes thin