Shadow: a MOC By Muah

This is my moc, Shadow. I kinda want him to be my self moc, but idk yet. Here's a pic of him.

Simple, but I like him.

My idea is that he was a Jedi from the Star Wars universe but he was sucked into a portal to an alternate dimension. (Bionicle)


First off, more photos please

anyways, based on the one photo you gave us, it seems pretty good for a standard ccbs build. though maybe some more color variety might spice it up a bit

i give it a 7/10 in my 'pinion

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Looks fairly decent, could use some more color though

This looks pretty generic. Like a "BioTube MoC Starter Pack".


@Stoax He's supposed to be like that. All dark and such.

Oops... this is the pic I meant to post:

2 lightsabers or one double lightsaber?

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both? They can probably connect together or something

man I wish he had more color, he looks drab. Just atleast add some color. Oh also Star Wars CCBS pieces

What colors do you think I should add? I kinda want to add some blue accents or something like that.

Don't add any, the monochromaticity is unique.

That's what I was thinking when I created him!

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