Shadow Dogla! (Leopard X tiger)

in Indian folklore people stated that large male Leopard would mate with a Tigeress.
but surprise! it’s real, but rarely in the wild ! so why not in Bionicle??
let’s take a female Muaka and a large male Shadow Leopard!
the Bionicle Rahi mix is rare , and dangerous!

so here is the moc!

update soon! hope you enjoy this fantastic big cat!

so which you like better? canines or felines?

(cats all the way for me :slight_smile: )


The head and body are solid,
The front legs are alright, though you should find a way to cover the backs and the open ball joints,
The hind legs are pretty bad tbh, very gappy and awkward looking, if you have any treads I would recommend using them instead, as it is the moc is alright, but I can’t see any muaka at all.

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yes the legs are a problem,

it’s a hybrid of 2 rahi
so no taste of muaka

search “panthera hybrids”

Well it’s no Liger, but it looks good job.

Om nom nom nom nom nom!


Looks pretty good, it doesn’t have a face though

No Pohatu!

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If you can, you might want beef up the back legs a bit, maybe the tail too. Otherwise it looks pretty solid.

i did it… i’ll post the image