Shadow, first member of the Silver Brotherhood

He is the Twin of Spheryx and is even as Powerfull. He can make himself into a shadow and disappear, he doesnt even Need a “host” for his shadow power. He is the weakest member but that dont mean he is weak his Sword can cut every armor. After his and his Brothers creation he betrayed his twin so he got the power only Makuta can give and dont Need to share the power. This runs him crazy but also made him to a weapon with no free will. But Really who under the Control of Makuta got a free will… So for his simple biuld…he is the oldest existing Moc i Have i biuld him 5 years ago so yeah… In my opinion he is still a cool Moc so it dont Need to be complicated to biuld something cool.

Health 8
Strength: 4
Pace: 10
Armor: 1
Power: Control Shadow, Transform himself into a shadow
Status: Alive
Family: None


Basic ignikia build, nothing much else. The neck is a bit long.

But the story is really mary sue-ish.

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True some more lighting.