Shadow forms of the Makuta

Who wants to see Venom, Viper, Jon, and PRPL to redraw my shadow forms of the pre-existing Makuta?

These are the drawings I made of the shadow forms of the makuta from top to bottom: Teridax, Chirox, Bitil, Kirka, Gorast, Mutran, and Ickarax


as well as Mutran and Ickarax


Neat idea! A lot of these would look awesome animated. I get a bit of a Disney minion/monster vibe from some of them.

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which ones are your favorites?

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Either Krika or Bitil; they were the ones that particularly caught my eye as I was scrolling.

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Changed topic to artwork

it is technically still Bionicle as this is based on the Makuta from Bionicle G1

Now I wanna see all black mocs of the makuta :o

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