Shadow Powers Clarification

Would communication, spying, and teleportation be under the feats of shadow powers since Teridax has displayed them in the movies?

Shadow communication, (if you mean the glowing eyes) is a shadow power, teleportation is one of the 52 Kratta powers, and is separate from the shadow powers, and I’m not sure what you mean by spying.


I meant Teridax was spying on Takua after their conversation using his shadow powers without needing to speak to him. Also I meant teleportation via shadow powers since Teridax used his shadow powers to teleport Roodaka.

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No answer here, all I will say is to remeber the movies take several creative liberties, and are not totally canon.

Where was this? Because I don’t recall him ever doing this, nor does it quite make sense for him to do so when he already has teleportation powers.

In Web of Shadows. Shadow Stealer can transport himself using shadows is it so odd for a Makuta to have a variation of this since they are masters of that element?

Shadow stealer may be a special case. He’s older than the makuta by a good deal, being a member of the now defunct Hand of Artakha. As far as I recall that is an ability unique to him.


Shadow doorways maybe unique to him but shadow teleportation may still be a ability shadow users like Makuta can use.

The way it looked in the movie was artistic liberty, as far as I know.

A fact is, however, that a Makuta’s teleportation Kraata power can also be used to teleport other beings - as seen when Miserix teleportet the Toa Hagah under the Coliseum in Dwellers in Darkness

True but that doesn’t mean they can’t have powers that are similar to each other. They have Kraata powers of darkness and mind reading while they already have shadow powers and telepathy or molecular disruption and disintegration.

When was shadow stealer in web of shadows?

Two seperate clauses; ‘In Web of Shadows’ was answering Srlojohn’s question of where Teridax used shadow powers to teleport Roodaka (in the movie, Roodaka is teleported using a shadow hand). The shadow stealer statement is seperate.
‘Is it so odd for Makuta, who are masters of shadow, to have a variation of shadow teleportation abilities when Shadow Stealer can do it?’


Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding. Wait, Terri teleported her? I always thought that scene was a vision sent by him?

When the combined powers of the Hordika break the Toa Seal holding Teridax, he teleports Roodaka to safety.

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It happens after the “vision”; a shadow hand extends out of the Makuta stone and grabs Roodaka.

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