Shadow Stealer?

He’s an interesting little bugger, isn’t he?

Shadow Stealer is potentially the most intriguing character in the list of Dark Hunters. It was rumoured the Makuta hired Dark Hunters to kill him, that he can walk through shadows, and he’s apparently a big enough threat to cause The Shadowed One to suspect a violent return confrontation.

But what exactly is he?

He’s got enough power to easily defeat a member of the Brotherhood, was part of the Hand of Artakha(?) and was around before the MU began to exist. He’s been a protagonist and an antagonist; completely enigmatic and untrustworthy.

So what exactly is he? what does he do, what powers did he really have, etc.


Shadow Stealer was a fan creation, as I recall. So what we wrote up was based on the description from the contest entrant. As far as any other backstory, we didn’t create any, we used what the fan had provided for his entry.


Ah, I see.

On that note, how many faulty or insufficient characters/backstory were rejected during that? I’ve noticed while some of the entries are despicably hideous, the backstories are all coherent enough to the point where it seemed like they were entirely due to the Bionicle story team.

We generally did not reject backstories. If the backstories were lousy, then the entry didn’t win, because it was more than just a model-building contest – it was a character creation contest. At most, all I did for the entries was rewrite them so they sounded better, but the info all came from the fans.