Shalkalt Rahkshi of Corruption (Revamp)

This rahkshi can corrupt anything under it’s or Makuta’s control,

And just like any other rahkshi he can fly

Just to show you his power I’m going to put him up against Storm Beast


The white armor bit stickout alot, but an ok build.

That is Amazing
also a CCBS Rahkshi is rare to se

this looks dope!

I love it.
It reminds me of something I saw once…
I can’t place it, though.

you thinking of @Mechmaster’s rahkshi?

No, I don’t think it was Bionicle at all.
Or even on these boards.

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love it is shows how awsome rahkshi are

This moc is pretty is pretty neat, I like it


The legs could use some more white, but other than that, this is awesome!

I will say the body is quite well done. Good use of the inika torso.

Yeah i like it

Wow this actually looks pretty good for a rahkshi revamp, I really love it!

The moc is pretty cool.

That corrupted Kopaka mask is beautiful though.

one of the better rakshi Mocs