Shalyre Toa of Maelstrom

She was kinda an expirimental MOC, especially since I wanted to see how much I could diversify the torso I made for my Hahli Revamp. The legs were also rather expirimental, as I've never really seen anyone do omething like this before. The colour scheme obviously came from everyone's old-school bonkle ship cough-HewkiiXMacku-cough
Anyway, enough of the talking. Here's some pics:

Here she is w/ her backpack:

Here's a few dynamic poses:

EDIT: I replaced the old pics withthenewer version of Shalyre (The one w/ shoulder pauldrons), if you want to se the old pics, you can find them here:


I need a little bit of help here, anyone got any ideas as for what element she should be?

I like when people use masks on shoulders but the Akaku just looks a little off.
Any ways cool moc I especially like the colour scheme it's not commonly used.
@kamen_rider_kiva Oh and she could control mud? Or maybe natural disasters:
Blue=Tsunami, Brown=earthquake, White=Tornado(?)

True, but I've no other masks in Mata blue that'd work any better than that. stuck_out_tongue

@Studentscissors Oooh, Natural disasters sounds nice. I'll see what some other people say, but I think I may just choose that. ^-^

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Toa of canon love


You, sir, deserva a cookie:

Seriously, that made me laugh pretty hard. XD


Gimme cookie!

Hmmm... natural disasters sounds like a good element, but it needs a better name to make it easier to say. A one-word name, perhaps? Natural Disasters = Maelstrom. Or Tempest. Whichever sounds better. Toa of Tempest. Toa of Maelstrom. IDK. Your MoC, you choose.

She looks very good! Although, why is there an Akaku on her left shoulder? Is she supposed to swap her mask out with it from time to time? I think she would look better if there were no masks on her shoulders at all. When I had seen the first pictures for her, I had thought of her as wearing an outfit with loose, flowing sleeves, which was evidenced in how her legs and arms started out slim, and curved outwards to form the larger part at the bottom. The Akaku kind of takes away from that image. Although, again, it is your MoC. Great job!

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Lol, I was actually kinda going for agladitorial shoulder-pauldron look, but looking back on it, it doeslook kinda doofy. :/ Anyway, I LOVE the title "Toa of Mealstrom" I've officially decided that that shall be her element.^-^ I'll probably re-shootsome of the pics later on& remove the Akaku. stuck_out_tongue

Since when did Hewkii or Macku ever use white?

It looks decent, but it might be better to have removed. And the plethora of brown colors isn't really helping. Also, must point out a couple pet peeves of mine -- Mata feet as shin armor (they're too bulky for the rest of her) and the thinness in the waist.

You have no idea how much the thinness of the waist bugs me as well, the only reason she's still like that is because I have literally no idea how to thicken that portion and still have it look good. >:( Other than that, I would've used the armour I had on the back of the waist, but I only have that one left. Also, the white was originally intended to make her appeas as though she had a backpackon with the straps being white. But I decided to disperse abit more white around her.

the first thing I thought was "Huh interesting torso build, I like it" second thing was that this looks like the daughter of Hewkii and Macku, then I read the description... cool moc the only thing that bugs me is the white

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Well thank you! ^-^ Lol, I get that alot about the white,though I kinda like it. stuck_out_tongue I've actually made a few changes to her so I'll take some pics of her (I figured out a really neatway to add some size 5 CCBS shells as some great looking shoulder pauldrons).

@DarkTakanuva @Studentscissors @Hawkflight @Middlefingerstudios I kinda modded the model a bit and retook the photos with better lighting.


I like those shoulders much more smile

So do I! ^-^

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I really like this moc, though maybe getting rid of some of the grey would make it look better.
I think the new pauldrons look a lot better, though for future reference(for all moccists) it you want to use a mask as armour, flip it somehow so that it doesn't look like the moc is growing a second head.

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I like what you did for the shoulder armor. It complements her design very well.

Great job!

K, I'm back from a LUDICROUSLY long power-outage (Stupid winter-weather). Anyway, thanks for theadvice, I'll see if I have any blue bits lying around to swap 'em out. ^-^ @DarkTakanuva Thanks! ^-^

EDIT: It's pouring down rain and is expected to get in the 20s tonight, I may be trapped at home tomorrow. O.O On the plus side,school's cancelled.


Maku Inika had white.

Macku wasn't part of the Inika. That was Hahli.