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Bionicle: Tales of Time

This is fan-fiction. If you are comparing this story to it original, then there will be both major and minor changes in its history.

Chapter 0: Before Time[Prologue]

Long ago, powerful beings called “The Great Beings”, claimed a planet named Spherus Magna as a part of their kingdom. The Great Beings had many arguments on what to do with their new planet, these argument would led to their separation. One of the Great Beings in particular wanted to create life and have those lifeforms create a civilization on the planet. Many of the other Great Beings agreed with this, though another Great Being, who was the first to actually study the planet found a strange chemical on the planet. This chemical was far too harmful for the any life form, including the Great Beings themselves. The Great Being that first suggested to make life on the planet ignored these claims and went on to create something he named “Rahi”. The entity, when placed on the planet, seemed to be perfectly fine. The beast even seemed to be quite happy. The Great Being that claimed the planet to be “poisonous”, found this creature and was greatly angered.

“Makuta! Why have you disobeyed me?” The Great Being roared as she flew toward her brother.

“I follow no one orders Annona! We are still in debate on what we shall do with this planet, I am guilty of nothing! I was simply testing your claims, which seem to be false.” Makuta spoke with a slightly raised voice.  

“Foolish brother! By placing this entity on this planet surface, you have doomed it to a life of pain and misery.”

Makuta looked down at the Rahi. It roared into the air with great pain as it slowly started to melt into the ground. Makuta was saddened. He never wished for his creations to face such misery. And their was little he could do, as it was in the Great Beings order not to end any form of life, regardless of the circumstances. Makuta hovered down to the planet.

“Makuta! You must not touch the surface of the planet!” Annona urged.

Makuta stopped in mid-air. He hovered over where Rahi was absorbed into the ground. This was not the first time one of Makuta creations has died, for death is apart of life. Makuta knew this well as he is the manifestation of life. But this was the first time he had lost one of his creations out of his own foolishness. He was simply eager to bless this planet with life, as he had with all the other planets that were in their domain.

Annona placed her hand on her brother’s shoulder.
“Makuta, I am sorry for your loss. But it is not safe for us to be this close to the surface.”

Makuta said nothing, he simply stared at the ground. Makuta dropped himself onto the planets surface and tried to dig for his loss creation.

“Brother No!” Annona screamed.

“I am not fit to be the manifestation of life! I have failed the Great Order, and myself!” Makuta cried as he dug into the ground. He then suddenly felt a surge through his body. He felt a shock of power. He felt more powerful than he ever had before. He then turned to Annona.

“Sister, as the manifestation of life, I demand that you, the manifestation of time, to take me back in time, so I may save Rahi.”.

“You know I am not allowed to change the eternal course. Please, remove yourself from the surface, it will corrupt your mind.”

“The form of corruption is you and our passive brother!” Makuta screamed with rage.

“What is the meaning of this?!” The Great Being asked.

“Mata nui. Mukuta has touched the planets surface and is now ordering me to take him back in time to save one of his creations.”

“Do not interfere brother!” Makuta raised himself from the ground.

“You know should know more than us that we do not interfere with time. Come with us brother, so we can free you of this… disturbing state.” Mata Nui extend his hand.

Makuta placed his hand on Mata nui’s, then suddenly pulling their locked hands behind his back and throwing his other into his brother’s face.

“I have no more tolerance for your passive nature! I will protect all forms of life! And if that includes end yours, then so be it!”

A long battle broke out between to the Great Beings. Makuta was captured and detained. Annona and Mata Nui could find no cure for his mind. Makuta broke free from his binds and enlarged his body, than warping in body around the Spherus Magna, thus becoming one with the planet. Makuta was now the new surface layer of the planet. Though the substance that had corrupted his mind, that would soon be known as protodermis, rose to the new surface, becoming the planets ocean. Makuta was sealed with in the planet, but not before creating multiple new species. Annona and Mata Nui saw these helpless, new, creatures squirm in the ocean of protodermis and where mortified. They knew that their brother could still be saved. They decided to follow Makuta and become one with the planet. Mata Nui would create multiple land masses for the creatures to live on. He would also use some of Annona’s and his power and seal it within two mask and give to the creatures. Mata Nui then encased himself around the planet in similar fashion as Mukuta had. Annona, before sealing herself away with her brothers, gave the some of creatures three virtues, unity, duty, and destiny.

Unity; To always stay untied, no matter the cost.

Duty; To keep developing oneself, as well as one’s people.

Destiny; To fulfill ones owns dream. To revive the Great Beings.

As time went on, many of the creatures made their home on the land that they were placed upon by the Great Beings. Many of the creatures have adapted to the protodermis, though it seem that certain creatures have become more primitive due to their exposure to the substance, these certain creatures were called “rahi”. The creatures that seemed to have superior abilities compared to the rahi were called Matoran. The Matoran lived in villages on their respected islands, most not aware of there being more Matoran than the ones on their own island. Through once the Matoran of Voya-Nui discovered all the other island and its inhabitants, they formed the League of Virtues. The League of Virtues duty was to find a way to revive the Great Beings. The League of Virtues lasted for centuries, but despite their efforts, they had no knowledge of how to revive the Great Beings. Many of the Matoran no longer thought that the Great Beings were even real, for the only evidence of their existence is the stone that contained the three virtues on it. Many Matoran started to call the Great Beings, “The Great Spirits”, as their existence comparable to that of a spirit, unseeable and yet somehow real. This led to tension between the islands, thus starting a century long war.

Near the end of the war, all hope seemed lost. Though one Ga-Matoran named Helryx from the island of Mata-Nui found a strange item while fishing in the ocean. It was kanohi mask, something that all Matoran wore. Helryx then brought the mask back to the island and showed it his village. Helryx placed the mask upon his face, thus creating a massive flash of light. Helryx’s body then began to transform into what seemed to be a larger Matoran. Helryx said that the mask he is wearing is speaking to him.

“It says that I am a… Tao. And that I must gather 60 kanohi masks. The mask says that by doing so, would led to peace.”

The Matoran were didn’t know what else do, but listen to the mask. So the Ga-Matoran of Mata-Nui made 60 kanohi mask and gave them to Helryx. Helryx placed his hand on the pile of kanohi mask, giving them great power. Helryx then started transform once again, this time into something that seems to be a smaller Tao. The mask once again started to speak to him.

“The mask says that I am now a Turaga. And that I am to give the new kanohi mask to the most worthy of Matoran and guide them in the way of the Tao.”

The Matoran were chosen and transformed into Tao, thus create the first Tao team, led by a Two Onu-Matoran and one Le-Matoran. The 60 Tao, who were called The Order of Mata-Nui, ended the war between the islands and spread themselves out so every island had around 6 Tao of each element. The Tao’s duty were now to protect the Matoran and keep peace among them. As a testament to the islands peace with each other and thanks to the Tao, they created an island called Metru-Nui.

Years past, and another strange mask is found. A Onu-Tao from Xia named Teridax, figured that this mask was another gift from the Great Spirits. As he placed the mask upon his face he was struck by a dark transformation. The mask spoke to him.

“You are too kill all of the Tao so that they do not disturb my slumber. Use the mask of life, to create mortifying creatures to defeat the Tao and make the Matoran scream. Do not fail me my child.”

Teridax created one massive creature that he called “The Kanohi-Dragon”. The dragon was sent to Metru-Nui and nearly destroyed the entire island. It killed many of the Tao and also took the life of Helryx. Half of the Order of Mata-Nui wanted to study the new creature, the other half wanted to kill it. The ones who had decided to kill it left the Order and became dark hunters. Their leader was Teridax, who had slowly corrupted the Tao. The Dragon was defeated, but the island were divided. They all agreed to rebuild Metru-Nui, but after than have cut all connections with one another. The dark hunters, renamed themselves to the Brotherhood of Makuta. And took the duties of the fallen Order of Mata-Nui.

A millennium past, the Brotherhood of Makuta were transformed into monsters and sealed away by Teridax, who still lies in the shadows.

The Matoran of Metru-Nui go about their days, with their only threat being wild rahi. But one day, a Ta-Matoran named Lhikan and a Ga-Matoran named Tuyet were walking along the coast of Ga-Metru. As they were walking, they noticed a strange canister in the sand. While the two were digging out the canister, it suddenly swung open, emitting steam and a faint red light. Lhikan looked inside the canister and found a sleep Tao.

To be continued…