Share your PSN Accounts

I couldn’t find anything on this, so I decided to make it. This is the place where we can share our PlayStation account names so we can add each other. Please keep in mind all of our varying ages. My name is ilewis9. What’s yours?


I’ll share mine


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MrSquintoBean That’s mine.

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I’m, guess what? SmeatyFlavor! I play Dark Souls and Bloodborne…

I haven’t heard much of those games. Are they any good? (Well of course, but you know what I mean)

Same as my TTV username.

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They’re the best games I’ve ever played. They’re not for everyone, but if you enjoy them, you ENJOY them. Keep in mind though, if you’re looking for an RPG, then you won’t find one in any of the Souls games. I hear people call them RPGs all the time but they’re really not. They’re sort of their own unique kind of action games.

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My psn is kobondo i mostly play cod blops 3 zombies if anyone wants to play.

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I’m playing singleplayer games. Leave me alone.

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Mine is Frostbytt3n_Ops

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I would have gone with ChaoticTempleKnight, but I couldn’t fit it in. Yeah, it is really easy to find me.

Minor note: that PSN account is for my PS4. My PS3 account is different (and I am not going to share that one).

Message me if you are on PS4 and want to play some Warframe with me. I play Warframe way too much.

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So it’s the same one as here. I’m mostly playing Ace Combat Infinity, Black Ops 3, Star Wars Battlefront and Rainbow Six: Siege currently as far as multiplayer is concerned, but I’m playing through Uncharted 4 currently as well.

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I’m not sharing mine unless you want to fight me in PS3 USF4 or Dark Souls 2

I have Dark Souls 2…
On Xbox 360…

I mean… Maybe I’ll buy it.


My dad made that name back when I couldn’t think of one and thought I could change it at any time. Curse you PSN!!!


Does anyone here have Portal 2? I kinda want to try Co-op with one of you.


ew amirite?


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