Shark moc

Found this in an old picture folder and figured I’d post it, it’s no longer built but it was fun while it lasted, as stupid as it’s head looked


Ga-matoran: “We’r gonna need a bigger boat”


That is some shark. Shame it ain’t shark week

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No complaints here, keep it up!

Great MOC! Definitely needs some Jaws theme playing in the background.


why is this shark not canon? seriously, i want this shark to be canon now.

This is awesome, a terrific use of the Fenrakk/ Skirmix head

Akida rates 11/10

Should have posted this on Shark Week.

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Kaligix approves of this fine killing machine.

This is great, I love the spiky-ness of the sides of the body, and the head isn’t that bad. :smile:

A worthy match for the Takea.

I got to admit this looks freaking great!
RIP that Ga-Matoran.

This is very cool!

Cool shark! I like how you used the Kopaka Phantoka wings for the tail and fins. You get 1 awesome croc. :crocodile:

Yikes, poor Ga-Matoran…

I kind of have to wonder what will happen considering the sharks stomach is not much larger than the Matoran.