Sharnak, the Lost Protector (G2 Self-MOC)

So, I actually made this guy a few years back but never got around to post it, mainly due to bad lighting/photo quality.

My “G1 avatar” is a Le-Matoran mechanic/engineer, (who is sometimes drawn with a Bohrok head; don’t ask). For G2, I made Sharn an Ice region islander. This iteration is a bit of tinkerer, his launcher is able to be modified with his swords and buzzsaw shield. His gun and shield can both be stored on his back, his back armor piece coming off to form right shoulder armor.

Here’s an imgur album with more pictures albeit with even worse photo/lighting quality. If I have the time, I might rebuild take better photos.


I like how you dolor the shoulders

he looks really good! very interesting to have your G2 Self-Moc be a completely Element then your G1 Self-Moc.

but yeah, I really like him

It’s ok, but nothing too special about it.