Sha'ten's Disciple

I made the next DOOM villain your welcome k bye


Funny lookin demon head you got there. I like the red streaks around the mouth, though the rest is a bit plain

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I guess I should explain how I did this, or the colors at least. I used a lot of water to make it look more grey, which would explain that “plain” look. I noticed this too and put a pentagram in the top right of the head.

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You made some nightmare fuel.

This. This is just sp00py.

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Ew, that’s ugly. But well done!

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Thanks guys!

@Toa_Distraxx @ThatchMac

The 80’s heavy metal bands called. They want their album cover back.


An interesting design. The overall appearance of the eyes, paired with the mouth, makes it unsettling but in a good way.

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I think I will not sleep this night…

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No cyber-something 0/10

Love the look of the mask, looks pretty tribal.

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A most terrible evil.

Great work my dude…

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