Shattered Universe

This is going to be my attempt at linking the G1 Bionicle story with the G2 story. You all might think it's terrible, but I'm going to do it anyway. The first few parts will start around the middle of the time between G1 and G2. They're narrated by Raanu, but it might not be the Raanu you remember from G1. Then I'll go back to explain how it got from G1 to the middle, and then how it gets from the middle to G2. This should get updated every couple of days.

Raanu's Journal, entry #1:

I fear for the future.

I fear that those who hold positions of power will not have enough, or will not use it wisely, for the good of those who do not have as much power. I fear that one day, I may misuse my own power.

My power. Part of me still wonders if it was such a good idea to ask of this from Mata Nui. When he told me that our mega-village was actually a massive robot body that he needed to use to reunite Spherus Magna, I was wary. He would take away the one thing we had to protect ourselves from the Skrall and Bone Hunters. I needed something in return, to be able to protect the villagers. I did not entirely like this idea, because I would become something that I feared. I wanted power, like the Glatorian now wielded.

Mata Nui warned me that because I was not a Glatorian, I did not have the potential to possess such power. He would actually have to alter me, and not just a weapon. This brought doubt back into my mind. I thought it over, and I realized that the power was not needed yet. But I asked him to remember my request, and should I ever need it, he would grant it. He agreed. He received the robot, triumphed over Makuta, and restored Spherus Magna, at the cost of his life. Or so I thought.

When the Toa came, I was suspicious of them. Who were these beings, who wielded powers over the elements as if they were a part of themselves. The red and gold one, who said his name was Tahu, offered to help search for a site for New Atero. I allowed for his assistance, though I still did not trust him fully. I did not want to be undermined by one who had the physical power of a Glatorian, yet apparently held a position of authority that rivaled a leading Agori, such as myself. I needed the power.

On one of the days when the Toa were searching for an optimal site, I went to the shrine where the Mask of Life was kept. I asked Mata Nui to remember his bargain with me, about the power. I said that I was ready. As I think back now, I realize I was not. The mask came to life and struck me with energy, changing me into someone else. Something else.

Now, I am an outcast. Expelled from the village because the Agori do not believe I am who I say I am. Something halfway between a Toa and a Glatorian, and wielding a power far stronger than either of them. I call myself a wizard, for that is what I am; an oddity, an exception to the rule. I protect the villagers from afar, for there are still many things on this planet that would wish them harm.

But there are far fewer villagers, Agori and Matoran both, than there used to be on the planet of Spherus Magna. And there are far fewer lights in the sky to hope on for a better tomorrow. For ever since the universe shattered, nothing has been the same. And it never will be again, as long as time remains constant.


An engaging narrative. And very well written.

Very interesting so far; I like that you used a rather less-well-known character as the narrator. Quite well-written thus far, too. Keep up the good work!

Raanu's Journal, entry #2:

The Creators recently informed me of what has happened, but not why or how. For all my power, I am unable to comprehend why such a thing has happened to our universe. It is something that should not happen, could not happen, yet it has happened. It is difficult to understand, but I will write it here, that others may one day read it and learn.

The Creators have formed a brief alliance with the one known as Vezon, for he wears the Mask of Dimensional Gates. They attempted to use his power to travel to the location of one of the disappeared planets. What they found was interesting. The planet is still there, but it is not there. It can be accessed, but not directly, and not through any physical means.

I will write the explanation that the Creators gave me. They said to imagine that the universe was a translucent cube, composed of many square-shaped panels. Each of these panels contains a small portion of the universe. When all of the panels are stacked, they form the cube, or the universe. When this cube is viewed from above, meaning, viewed from the flat side of the panels, all of the universe can be seen. But when one looks along the edge of the panels, they can only see one panel at a time, or only a small portion of the universe. They said that the universe is like that, except there is only one panel. All of the portions are together, but separated, and inaccessible by those that live in them.

Let me explain in another way. Imagine that there is someone in one small portion of the universe, and I am in another small portion. I know where they are, and they know where I am. But, if I was to travel to their location physically, that is, by taking a craft of some sort, they would not be there. I would not see them, and I would pass right through their location. Why? Because there is nothing in that location, by the standards of my portion of the universe. Only my portion exists. The same would occur for them, if they tried to visit me. I and my portion of the universe would not be there. But, each of them are there, simply on a different panel of the whole universe.

The only way to access each of these portions is through the Mask of Dimensional Gates. The Creators have decided to split up and send one of their members to each portion of the universe, for two reasons. The first reason is to guide the species that are now in each portion. Apparently, certain members of certain species were marked for each portion of the universe, and when it fragmented, those members were drawn into their allotted fragment. They need guidance, for many of the worlds are close to inhabitable. Without assistance, they may die. The second reason the Creators have is so that they may one day, hopefully, restore the universe to its original, unbroken state.

I hope that such a thing is possible. During this time, I will continue to guide the remaining residents of Spherus Magna and protect them from harm. The Creators will do the same for the others in their respective fragments. Who are the Creators? That will have to be explained another day, for I hear the sounds of enemies approaching. There will be another day, because time is constant, and all things happen eventually. I will use my power to defend my people, for there is now a hope worth fighting for.

Ooh, interesting. Now the title makes sense, and... Ah, I see what you're getting at now. It will be interesting to see how this develops. Good work!

Raanu's Journal, entry #3:

I have finally managed to find some peace in this madness... but I fear that it will not last long. I shall make this entry swift, yet spare no detail.

Who are the Creators? I think a more accurate question would be what are the Creators. They can be from any race, whether it be Toa, Glatorian, Matoran, Turaga, Agori, Xian, Vorox, Skrall, Skakdi, or any of the other races that exist, or used to exist, on Spherus Magna. They began to display their prowess shortly after the Makuta's defeat.

There are several traits that distinguish a Creator from their fellow beings. First, that they have a penchant for inventing new things. Second, that they can wield an elemental power. From what I have heard, all races have the ability to wield an elemental power, but most cannot do it on their own. However, if they are a Creator, they can use elemental power by themselves with no problem. Third, that they can use their elemental power to form solid constructs, that is, they can use their power to create solid objects, such as weapons or vehicles. For example, if a Creator was a Toa of Fire, they would have the power to create a vehicle or a weapon of solid flame. These types of constructs can only be maintained through a physical hold on the object. With much time and practice, their constructs can be created with barely any effort, and can be used by anyone. The fourth mark of a Creator is the one that gives them their name. Although they do not use it often, they have the power to manipulate the six basic elements: fire, earth, stone, jungle, water, and ice. This gives them their ultimate power to create, and will be necessary to help them guide the residents in the fragments of the universe, as many of the worlds are next to uninhabitable.

If a Creator chose to do so, they could split a world in two and put it back together. That is how much power they wield. I would fear them, were it not for two things. Firstly, they have a code, which consists of only one rule; that no Creator may use their ultimate power in battle for offensive purposes; they may not us it at the extent of someone's life being ended. Those that do will be stripped of their title and their power. All of the Creators work together, because they understand that a rogue Creator would be... difficult to deal with, at best.

As for my original question: who are the Creators? The easiest way to identify a Creator is by asking their name. I do not think that the names they have now are the names they used to have, for they are very strange. Possibly some attempt at secrecy, to disguise themselves and their former weaknesses? I do not know. What I do know is that their names are odd. Names like @DarkTakanuva, Ekorak, @ColdGoldLazarus, CaptRanakiPakewa, Payinku; I could go on and on. All of their names are unique, but they all work toward the same two goals; to either repair the universe, or to establish a way to easily travel between the fragments of our former universe. Parts of the universe may be inaccessible, but it is all still here. And hopefully, with a Creator in each fragment, we will find a way to become whole once again.

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This is quite interesting! I like the style you have chosen, being a narrative. It is also quite intriguing that this is not G1 Raanu. I will definitely follow this.

Nice info on the Creators here; certainly not quite what I was expecting, but it actually makes a ton of sense. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that Ekimu and G2 Makuta are Creators, though of course I may be wrong; either way I trust that it'll all make sense and be utterly brilliant to boot.

Also, nice shoutouts with the names. XD

Read this, and it's kinda cool! The shoutouts were cool.