Shekiller, the psycopath (gender swap starkiller)

yet another starkiller. I need to stop. oh well, the next one is the last, I promise.

"the planet, nay, the universe you know is but one. one of many. beyond this world, this world of apocalypse and shadowfall, there lie many, many more. each different. but, among them, some things never change…

of all of the starkillers, spread around the multiverse, shekiller is arguably the one that got of the best. hailing from a universe not too far removed from our own (with the only notable difference being the fact that all genders appear to have been reversed), her version of events for history reads very differently from our own.

where here we suffered great losses during the swarmer invasion, in hers the swarm was crushed within hours, and very few lost their lives. the dreaded apocalypse was a footnote in history. and the atrocities of shadowfall never even happened, with the sinister destroying the threat in less than an hour.

with all this, you may well question why all the pain happened to us. in truth though, the hardships we endured for the remnants of this world may have been the better option.

for in her world, she never grew. she never changed. there is no eternal night, acting as the Penitent knight. there is no redemption. there is only a monster, flanked by fellow monsters. those who only did good so there would be no more evil to oppose their rule. left to be cruel for eternity

but now, as the Barriers of the world come crashing down, I am left to wonder…
can the evil redeem themselves when all creation is at stake?"
the turaga of time, on the subject of the multiverse.

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The head is quite big, but otherwise it’s good


the head is tradition. and you dont mess with tradition :upside_down:

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so, rule63 starkiller, who is starkiller to start with? also the head looks weird without the lower jaw, other than that it’s good

starkiller is my self moc. you can see him in the second to last photo (he is the one standing center left, and is also the furthest forward of the ensamble.

you know, I get the comment everytime I post a version of SK. simple answere: I know, but I like it so it isn’t changing.(sorry if that sounded like I was being mean. I wanst. the internet is an odd place)

The head is far too big and throws off the entire MOC. Otherwise this is good.

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The head is too big.

I know that this is going to sound like a broken record and all, but is there anyway. and I mean anyway, to make a proportionally smaller head of similar shape out of Technic parts? There has to be a way. I now use Technic pieces when shaping out my FemMOCs and it is more refined that way. That way, the proportions fit. The same should apply to the head as well.

thanks for the critique. thing is, again, this is a female, gender bent, “rule 63” version of my self moc, who also uses that head, so it usage here was kinda a given for that reason. with that said, in my previouse experience, the torso can look a little too exaggerated if a smaller head is used, and as this moc is not intended to be oversexualised, it really kinda wouldnt work.

wow, that was long. sorry to be a bore.

The Shekiller moc is pretty cool, but your other Mocs just stole the show, most notably this one :stuck_out_tongue: