Shepherd of Fire(Updated)

He is your wrath, your guilt, and your lust, and you know it’s wright. Nobody knows where he came from, or when. He’s just been there since the beginning of records. He comes for those in spite and ends them. Final Note:(Yes he is named after a song by Avenged Seven fold, and all credits and that sort go to them).


Looks awesome from the front, but falls apart from a side view.

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not really a fan of how you built the horns(?) but everything else looks pretty good.

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I have improved it and sometime later will be putting out an update, and the horns are fine, just didn’t have that many parts to work with.

The torso and the head looks cool, but the horns look like antennas

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The horns reminded me a bit of Aku, personally

The shoulder armor comes off a bit higher than it should, which makes it pretty gappy. And open sockets make me


but i kinda like him, he’s got a unique silhouette.

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Thank you, the inspiration IRONICALLY enough came from Krampus, The song Shepherd of fire, and Aku.