Sheruk, Toa of Vengeance

I decided to slightly alter the name of this MOC, as well as redesign the torso. :stuck_out_tongue: Other than that, I still don’t have a mask to put on his poor barren face. ;~; I have some old sketches of what I wanted to have his mask look like (With it being a custom sculpted mask), though I don’t have the materials to sculpt it, nor the 3D modeling skills to make it using Shapeways or a 3D printer. :confused:

I digress, have some pictures!!!

Oh yeah, here’s some pics of the torso in case anyone wants to build it:

Lol, you can see on the torso joint where I tried to tighten the joint by using super glue. XD

Oh yeah, “Witty comeback about how I’ve come back from the dead for the millionth time” :stuck_out_tongue:


Well the right arm is sorta weird, and his legs are a bit short, but the body looks really nice, and the weapon isn’t bad either. It’s a shame you don’t have a mask for him, though.

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I know, it really sucks. XD I honestly don’t know what happened to all my old Inika masks, but I wish I still had them. :confused:

Oh yeah, the right arm is like that because it’s the only arm that could lift such a mighty scythe. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the legs, I’d use some lower Rahkshi legs, but the other ones I have aren’t in a bluish-grey colour, so the colours wouldn’t match. :confused:

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lookin’ good!

Thanks, dude!! ^-^

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other then the inika head, which is a little odd but it doesn’t bother me that much

looks great

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Thanks, I really wish I had the stuff to either make a new mask for him, or buy an old Inika mask. ;~;

the head kills me, but his blade more than makes up for it

Yeah, it kills me as well. I’d much rather have either a custom mask or a Hewkii mask. :confused:

im not really sure what masks would actually work for the body, maybe a hau or makuta’s mask…

I was thinking maybe Hewkii Inika’s mask, or Nuparu’s mask. :confused: I’ll probably just experiment with the normal non-Inika masks I have. XD

I think the head already looks like a mask, sort of a welding visor type thing. It’s a strange contrast to the rest of the body that I think works in its favor.

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Why thank you! :smiley: Though I definitely appreciate the compliment towards the blank head. I probably will change the head once I’m able to get an Inika mask, or if I can find a good way to add another type of head (That doesn’t look all derpy). I tried the Kraahkan (Movie version and the normal version) and with that on, he just looks like a reincarnated Teridax. :stuck_out_tongue: So I’ll test out in Gimp & see how other masks look before I decide to see about Bricklink or something like that. :confused:


Tried out the Sanok & the Kadin using some transparent pics I found, and I’m really torn between those two for which one I would have be the face of this MOC. :stuck_out_tongue: