Shinketsu is a high-tech warrior, specialised on CQC, that hunts his targets by any means necessary. While his tactics my be strange, he dislikes shooting, so he made some modifications to his turbo jets in order to outspeed whoever he’s up against.

(It’s easy to see that I drew inspiration from HF Evo, that’s because I always liked its looks and colours. Also, last pic is almost a nod to Halo 4’s cover)


This looks great, and that head is brilliant!

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Very nice. I love how much he looks like a Hero Factory villain.


It looks a little messy, but overall pretty good!

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This looks really like a robotic bug, I always liked these custom heads,the feet are a little small, I don’t know how they can hold this big dude, but overall this is great

and you haven’t even seen him without the armour!

I wanted a robust yet somewhat slender look, so I couldn’t give him big feet (and I don’t like those ccbs feet at all, but they kinda worked with my plans). I don’t know either how, but this moc holds itself quite nicely


Is it me or is his torso too long

I don’t think the torso is too long, so it is you

It’s a bit hunchbacked, so if stretched it looks longer than it should, but you’re also kinda right because I usually build shorter torsos. Also, I put some armour on the pelvis below the legs’ attachment, so there’s that