Shlod the visorak tracker

This is a toa of ice that was sworn to protect others from the visorak hordes after they destroyed the rest of his to a team, as well as his home city. After the visorak hordes were driven out of metru-nui he hunted them down and slowly killed off the keelerak sub species first and was then killed by the Shadowed One after Shlod challenged him.

back shot.


his legs and upper arms are very funny-looking


Yah I am kinda running out of parts but he is supposed to look slightly mutated by visorak venom as well as the fact that the suukorak pincers in his shoulders are ornamental.

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I... can't even. I can't even. He needs more backstory. I need some sort of context.

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Like what ask a question and I will answer.

Well I cant see much that's bad about this MOC


Clearly this guy is horrible at his job. :smile:


Yah he kinda is but he is only one guy


He's a simple guy and I like how you made the arms and the legs (even if they're a bit funny looking). It makes him very unique. However I think if you're delving into the Bionicle canon, you really do need to give a lot more story and justification. Now believe me it is hard, many of my MOCs break some of the rules of canon and others are just a made up story to add the the canon. What I usually do is look up the part of the story where I want the MOC to be and look for openings, unfilled slots and areas in which to put him without anyone jumping up and saying "oi u can't do that u filthy lout".

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Not bad for a modified Inika build. I'm not a big fan of the Mata feet as armor though.

I was kinda experimenting with this moc and it turned out better then I thought so I came up with loose story and name and posted him

What happenned to his legs

He was slightly mutated by visorak venom