Shockfly and his pet Spike Turtle: Hero Factory wave 2 super villain

Shockfly is firefly brother and will stop at nothing to gather as much quaza as possible and rule the galaxy by creating an empire. He is cunning, smart strong, and able to defeat any hero. He is armed with electric powers. He also can shoot quaza beams.


Not exactly a level villain. Seems op

Thanks, but how is it op?

I think for me at least, it’s op in that no hero can defeat him, which seems unrealistic, and frankly like he is over powered to the point that he’s unbeatable. I mean, maybe he can be beaten, but the heroes can’t do it, but as it stands, mere cunning, strength, and quaza (?) shouldn’t make him unbeatable. Everyone has a weakness.

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No alone hero can beat him. In my own story he is beaten when he gets blown up, and his power is taken out of his body, leaving him weak.

But how do you like the build?

The build itself is okay, a bit basic, and could see some improvement in some areas, however with the stingers (?) I can see potential for some really unique designs. I recommend starting by filling in some of the gaps throughout the body, especially at the hips, and possibly condensing the color scheme just a bit, maybe make the yellow more of the primary color with some accents. He has decent foundations, can’t wait to see what you do with it.

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Thanks for the advice.

Shockfly is a bit basic in some parts but looks fine
Spike looks pretty cool

Thanks, the build is based off of the black phantom build