Shogia :Toa of Water

A particularly petite Toa, Shogia is only about 1 bio tall, her small size combined with her huna has allowed her to act as a scout and spy for the OoMN, after the reformation she set off to chart the new landscape of spherus magna with a small group of toa, and glatorian, including cartographers, scientists and those who simply seeked the thrill of exploration.
Shogia wields a war axe which converts to a trident and fin for propelling herself through the water at high speeds.

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the staff looked pretty awkward and unweildy at first, but then I saw mermaid mode and now i’m 100% on board with that design

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I like the more squat proportions, they really work here. That, and the dual function of her weapon is pretty cool.

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At first I thought she was a matoran and the legs felt a little long, but now that I know that she’s a toa it makes more sense, otherwise she’s really cool!

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“And my axe.”

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this is adorable for some reason