Shoraxoa dæmon Hunter

Welp here’s number 2 in the dæmon hunter series

Sorry about the pictures


He looks very basic and there’s nothing really exciting about him. The legs still feel a bit too long on this one, but they don’t look as bad as they did on the others


I kinda like the look of this moc, I think if you changed the legs it could look better

Again, his legs are horrible. They aren’t even equal!
And RIP Color scheme.

He’s supposed to have an asymmetrical look also there will be version 2s for all of these.

U could used different armor shell pieces on different limbs. The asymmetrical look is pretty easy to get with this method. But let’s give you a tip: never, but NEVER use different sized bone pieces for the legs. Once I put a different sized bone piece in one of my moc without realizing this, and I tried to put him in a decent pose for like a week, but that stupid piece was not helping. I pretty annoying to have a moc with a longer leg, especially if you want to pose him.
And also, next time can you reply to ME when you want to talk to ME?

Oops didn’t notice the different bone sizes

And again, you could use longer bones if you want to make the moc taller. All of your mocs with more than one knees are very awkward.

Ok ok I just have a little bit of a shortage of longer bones

You can use extenders.

Oh ya duh, but I don’t have many of those either

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Here’s a suggestion, tripple boned legs can work, but, you should either make the middle segment the shortest, or go with a chicken leg design

You mean digitigrade?

Way too spindly.

But hey who am I to talk. My latest creation is a stick

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Is it pronounced daamon hunter? As in the “a” in black? I might be mistaken, but I thought that’s what the ‘ae’ (can’t make it on mobile) was supposed to signify