Short Dude

Or, in his full name, Short, Barely-articulate Dude.

Here’s one full view of the short dude from three angles, to fully see my inability to MOC.
I built this dude from a custom torso I had lying around and never knew what to do with, so I just slapped on more small parts, instead of always using Av-Matoran limbs.

I mainly had promotional sets in mind when building him, y’know, those who never really use the seasonal or big parts. And I guess it kinda works, except the intentional(?) lack of elbow articulation.

Still gave the knees some… eeeeeh articulation, just to give him something.
I mean, even though he is plain black with some grey and limited movement, you gotta give him that…
…He sure dances a mean Cossack!
(Don’t tell him otherise he has insecurities after reading this topic… actually, do.)


Makootle Terdax. Nice.



Its Minidax!

Where did you find the scrapbook that had these pictures of baby teridax?


I don’t know why, but I find him kind of cute

the name is pretty accurate