Should I open these bionicles I found?

Dear Greg, Eljay, the whole ttv team pretty much

To be honest, I would only trust the best lego bionicle youtubers for this question, recently I found a ton of unopened old bionicles in my basement my mom forgot to give me when I was younger, such as toa metru valkama, metru hordika, a ton of matorian and vahki, all from 2004. The question is: I don’t own any of these and I asked for them a lot from when I was little and i would love to complete my collection and open them, but their brand new and have never been opened, should I open them? Thanks! Mosasaur


I Reccomend to keep some.

I mean they were meant to be opened one day.

Dude. Why ask Greg? He wrote the story.
I can understand the cast to an extent but a story writer?


I’m no expert on value for in opened items, but morally if they do not belong to you, do not open them. Ask around your family and/or the previous owners of the house.

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I did, my mom ment to give them to me when i was younger in 2004, but she never did, however, she did say I could have them.


If you plan on ever selling them one day. Don’t open them. If you never plan to sell them, then open those puppies up.

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Open 'em.

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Should we put a poll or nah?

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Open some

If you think you might sell them and want to get a higher price for them, leaving them unopened would likely be best, as you can definitely get more money for a new, unopened set.

However, you seem to want them for your collection, and as they were meant for you in the first place, opening them isn’t all that harmful. You can still fetch a good price for opened sets if you decide to sell them later–so long as they’re relatively undamaged.

I’d open them, if I were you–at least a few. But that’s me!

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Honestly, it depends on your intentions. You can either wait to sell them for a price higher than their original market price, or open them if you really want to complete your collection. I like the idea some have of only opening some of them. That would give you a better idea of how you feel about it.

Best of luck!

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thank you!

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Your mom bought it for you, aka you should open them all and enjoy with some slight time delay.

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My opinion echoes Tesla’s. They were gifts meant for your enjoyment, so I say enjoy them. I don’t fault you for wanting to sell them, though.



Check the expiration dates. If they’re expired, you can still put it in lasagna.

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Which sets do you have EXACTLY? You said a ton of matoran. If you have the Mata-Nui matoran with Kohlii sticks you could get some good money for those. The cheapest sealed set of Hewkii on Bricklink is $9.62. They are yours so you can do what you want with them however.

EDIT. I didnt read the part from 2004. Nuhrii sealed goes for $7.56 on bricklink

FINAL EDIT. My advice was unclear. I would suggest that you see what ALL of your sets are worth on Bricklink. If you feel they are worth selling then you absolutely go for it. But before you just blindly open all of them, check their worth first.

Open them!!!

While it’s ultimately your choice, I personally would keen them sealed for the sake of preservation and holding their value.

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