Should I Post Something New On Here?

I’ve already posted a few novels on this forum, as you may have seen. My hope was to get feedback, and…well, I ended up not getting that much. Each of my novels has gotten a few hundred reads. That in and of itself, I’m not that ashamed of. But there were next to no replies where people gave feedback. And in another topic entirely, I got a few more tidbits of feedback. If that feedback, and the one reply I got for the first chapter of my first novel, is anything to go by, then the reception of my novels has been far from glowing.

Over the past few years, I’ve written more novels than I can count, and for the most part, I take pride in them. But a major criticism I got for the ones I posted on these boards was that I was making use of a premise that has apparently been “done to death in literature.” Kind of a shame, because 1.) I’ve never read a book like mine, and 2.) when I was creating my stories, I was trying my hardest to craft something original. Evidently I have failed.

So…I know you guys don’t think my Playtime trilogy is the most exciting thing in the world, and I can respect that. But what I’m asking is, should I try again, and post an entirely different novel on here? It would just be an early draft, of course. Whatever I post on here won’t get published in the form it’s in. But I’m still not sure if I really should post something new on this forum. After my last three novels, the users on here might not even care. Or maybe they’ll be okay with me doing something different. Or maybe I should just abandon these boards altogether, and continue to rely on my family and friends to get feedback.

What do you think? Should I try posting another novel on here?

  • Yes, please do!
  • No, I’m not interested in your stories.
  • I don’t care.

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Don’t give up mate. At least you’re brave enough to write in the first place, people like me aren’t.
Sorry for not commenting on your novels, often I skim read stuff and am afraid I might give a inaccurate review. Sometimes it’s not about being original-as every idea under the sun has been written but it’s more about how you present it, next time I have the chance I’ll read one of your novels to give an appraisal.


That’s fine. If you wanna give a skim-read review, then I’m A-OK with it.

Don’t give up. At least you’re brave enough to share what you write. I’m planning on reading the stuff you’ve posted here as soon as I get the chance :slight_smile:

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Having attempted a similar thing on this board before, I’d personally say that this probably isn’t the best place for it. Most of what grabs people’s attention here, for better or worse, is flashy MOCs and maybe the occasional RP. Literature has never really done that well in my experience. Maybe something like (pretty sure there’s an original fiction version of it or something) or AO3 might be a better bet.


Probably true, but I personally love seeing a well thought out story on the boards, especially when it’s not a rp or something.

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