Should I use Hero Factory pieces in my MOCs?

Should I use Hero Factory pieces?

Yes. Don't be afraid to use them, they can add a lot to a MOC. Just, if you want it to be a BIONICLE character, make sure there's plenty of biomechanical detailed elements in the build, not just the smooth shells.
Also, I want to make it clear that "Hero Factory pieces" will also be "BIONICLE" pieces as of next year.


Can we get a bit more specificity on what exactly you're looking for when you use them?


Thanks @Hawkflight, it´s just that I wasn´t sure, but you are right, thanks

MOCs of course @MT_Zehvor

...I gathered that much.

What kind of MoC? A Toa? A giant robot? A life size replica of Dar?


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Any kind but especifically Titans @MT_Zehvor

Also, are you intending to use primarily CCBS bones or CCBS shells? For me, CCBS bones are obligatory (especially for custom builds), but CCBS shells are a bit more difficult to use and can be passed over.

CCBS BOnes primarily I think.

In that case, I 300.45% say use them.

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I will try to make a kind of hybrid right now and see how it looks.

I finished it and it looks good. I´ll use them in the future, thanks.

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Of course you can use HF pieces in your MOCs.. some of them are really great for mocing. wink

MOC's are essentially 'My Own Creation' so at the end of the day whatever you want to include with your MOC you can. A few people on the site dislike the Hero Factory parts, but not many. So in honesty using them or not is perfectly fine.

Personally I use a combination of both for most of my MOC's