Show Us Your Self-MOCs!

Ghost (v9), He’s my best MOC by far:


Here’s mine


I’m pretty sure that this is V:10 of my self moc. I lost count. =P


This guy is amazing. Definitely one of the most unique self-mocs I’ve seen. And that weapon. :smiley:

How did you build the head?


Any way you could detail how you made the coat? I was trying to do something similar with my self-MOC and yours is pretty much how I wanted to do it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Drew out the pieces and wrote measurements, then marked the fabric and cut it out, then I just machine sewed the pieces together, I also threaded wire along the edge, if you’re asking for schematics I’m not sure I still have them, it’s simple enough to sketch them out, just draw the individual shapes of cloth and make sure there’s enough extra fabric to sew them together.
It’s the same process as making a full scale coat basically.

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How did you pull off the different color eyes?

It’s quite bulky, but I’m working on a shorter version, as I’m going to remake Novel.

It works well enough.


Either Modicius…

[details=Additional Picture]


Or Atrox…

While Modicius is my official self-moc, I like Atrox too much not to mention.


Ow, that bent #3 axle is unnerving…

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Actually, it’s the connector that’s bent. More understandable, but still unnerving.
The #4 axle actually is bent, though. To get the mask to fit properly.

Nope, I only have two exo suits. One that belongs to Cayde and another one that belongs to Jack

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Well, mine´s pretty lame, but here it is…

I don´t have many pieces, but I worked with what I have.
Please, give me feedback. I´m going for a “something that Lego would make” style in mind, the complexity of most MOCs is currently out of my reach. I do plan to improve this MOC when I get more and better pieces.

Any questions about the design?

Also: sorry for the quality of my laptop´s camera being terrible.


You can always make a topic for it, but I’ll say my thoughts here. I like the color scheme, but the weapon is far too long.

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Like @BBricks said, the weapon could be shorter if it’s meant to be a one-handed weapon.

Thanks for pointing that out, it´s supposed to be a spear-thingy that can shoot lasers. Now, how do you think I can make the spear shorter while looking decent?

I can also make it two-handed, if you think it would be a good idea.

I´ll make a topic on it, so we can talk about it there.

I dont know if ive posted something in this topic, if not, heres Arcdron, my self moc


Oh cool, I actually haven’t seen someone make a Kestora before. Glad that it’s not a Toa/Matoran/Makuta/Etc.