The ancient creature of the murky depths of the ocean...

You can also check photos in a better quality on my Flickr page

Just a small project with large inspiration from Djoksons MOCs and those things


Issa fish-man, man.



Reminds me of a humanoid angler fish MOC I saw a while back.

Anyways, I really love this. It's adorable yet still looks somewhat threatening.

I love this. The protruding teeth and bulging eyes give it so much personality.

Barnacles have become sentient. This is how it was foretold to end.

@EvilLobsterKing indeed it is. Yet it might be... a man-fish!!! (Insert Dun dun duuuun in here)
@Joe It is basically a humanoid-imp-man-anglerfish. Originaly it had black and gold color scheme and was more of an imp-man thing,that was ment for the Makuta contest, but then I added those eyes...And then it became an anglerfish dude. But yeah, thank you!
@Stoax Well thank you! Its my first try on the cartoony type character, and I guess it worked out alright
@Zero Yes, This is how Khtulhu become a cosmic godlike creature

Thanks Guys!


Reminds me of Mantax (ALL HAIL!).

Once I noticed those were the eyes this thing had a whole new meaning for me. Nice moc m8

The arms look like ears.

Those eyes make it look kind of derpy

I love it

Would love to see it in more poses if it can

@Kopeke_Nuva It is basisally Mantax's cousin
@Novel Thak you dude!
@Omega_Tahu Its a matter of perspective, also I used old balljoints so they are a bit wanky and just wouldn't pose in other way
@BioKnight I mean...Its kinda intended (Thanks a lot! I appreciate it!)
@Rockho It is poseable - its just that I couldnt figure out good poses for this MOC, so I just worked with those 2 photos

Again, thanks for checking this out, and being kind enough to even leave some feedback (Not mentioning the feedback being so positive)!

I don't know how I missed this, it's awesome!

I mean topic isn't shouting "This is awesome! Get over here and give it a like!" and actually has a weird and not at all exciting name... Its no wonder you've missed it.
Either way, thank you!

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