Sibling Rivalry: A Bionicle G3 Story

This story is not meant to be an epic of any kind, but more of a one-shot type deal that LEGO loves to do with Ninjago and Chima, giving a more humorous look at the terrifying villains. So, take that as you, and enjoy what may be the start of a series of short stories, Sibling Rivalry. Specifically for @Jon

The first mission had gone farely well. They had some problems, of course, as they were still learning to work together, but the temple of Earth had fallen under their power, and the Nuva symbol of Earth was their’s as well. Now, back inside the cave, the planned the next attack.
“The closest Koro is now Ko-Koro. We shall march in the morning to destroy that Temple, and take the symbol,” Guurahk, the Rahkshi of Disintegration, explained to her barely listening cohorts.
Panrahk was flying around the top of the cave, feeling very much at home, his bat-like tendencies coming through. Vorahk was busy stuffing his face with a Mukau steak, and Kurahk and Lerahk were brawling over in the corner.
“Listen to me, you slime!” Guurahk shouted, using her staff to disintegrate part of the ceiling, causing hundreds of rocks of various sizes to rain down on her coworkers.
“Aw. I was still working on that steak,” Vorahk moaned, looking at the rock that had destroyed his meal.
“Hush, Vorahk. Sister Guurahk is talking. And besides, you are big enough already. What will Father think if one of his lieutanents is held up by the smallest slice of Le-Koro pie?” Lerahk hissed as he slithered by.
“Why, you…” Vorahk made a lunge for Lerahk but was held back by Kurahk, who had just sat down next to him. As always, he didn’t say a word while Vorahk protested. Panrahk, ever the stubborn one, still twisted and turned around the ceiling.
“Now, as I was saying, our next plans-”
“Who put you in charge?” Lerahk cut in.
“What?” Guurahk asked, taken aback.
“I said, who gave you the authority to be poking and prodding us to your will, when I am obviously the one who should be in charge,” he continued.
“And why is that?” the Rahkshi of Disintegration asked.
“Because,” Lerahk paused, with an air of hautiness, “I’m obviously Father Makuta’s favorite.”
“WHAT?” Guurahk yelled. Panrahk stopped flying just to see Guurahk’s face. Vorahk started chuckling, and Kurahk even let out a small groan.
“I’m obviously his favorite. Poison is something that you know Father just loves to create poison, (it’s a bit of his hobby, really,) and well, let’s say it, I’m poison incarnate. And the best looking.”
Guurahk’s eyes still held unbelieveable shock.
“Actually, I’m his favorite,” Panrahk finally added, swooping down and landing softly on his six feet, “Not one of you others can fly. Father granted me a special gift, one only I own. It is a privelidged gift, one set aside for his favorite.”
“Or most annoying,” Vorahk mumbled. “I’m his favorite. Why else does he constantly offer me food of delicious caliber, and only give you the table scraps?”
“Because you’re only useful if you’re fat,” Lerahk snided. Vorahk jumped up running to punch him, but was pulled back and thrown against the wall by Kurahk.
“I’m his favorite for the simple reason that I am the strongest,” Kurahk said, softly and slowly.
A brawl might’ve broken out between all of them, and did, for a moment, before in strode Turahk. The mighty Rahkshi of Fear klik klikked in on his many legs, observing all of his siblings lying on the floor in mid punch. The all straightened up immediately.
“Do I even want to ask about what you idiots have been up to?” Turahk drawled. He looked each of them up and down several times, and grabbed the flattened piece of steak from off of Vorahk’s chest.
“N-Nothing, dear brother,” Lerahk sputtered, his usual cool arrongance gone. “Just…training.”
“Is that what you were doing?” Turahk asked all the others, and all nodded, with various interjections of ‘Oh yes,’ ‘That is true,’ and ‘Wish you could have trained with us,’.
“Well, it is nice to see that you Solek-brains are actually working,” Turahk said, turning his back toward the door. “I must speak to Father Makuta and give him the report on you, and you must prepare to must for Ko-Koro.”
He strode towards the door, but just before exiting, he turned his head slightly.
“Because I’m his favorite.”
And as he left, the frenzy began again.


That was actually kinda funny. I would love to see this!

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It would be hilarious, each one trying to show that they’re the best to father Makuta, also Solek-brains? Shouldn’t that be Solek-bones? :smiley:

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Probably. But I just wanted to use Solek in G3 as demeaning as possible, and how else than with a curse-name?

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