Sideways Pictures

I think that’s the reason why, because I always take my pictures sideways on my phone and they turn out fine

Oh, alright. I’ll retake the pictures then.

you could rotate them in your pc and see if that fixes it

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I tried that, the picture just turns to the same orientation it’s in here.

That takes more effort than just taking them with the phone sideways imo

@ToaTeramur that happens to me, try uploading it here

Another solution is to first upload them to an image hosting site such as flickr or imgur, and then link them to here. Or just upload them to your computer.

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what? how? you just go to the picture, left click and hut “spin 90°” boom, done


You would need two devices to do that. when taking the picture with the phone sideways would be quicker as you can just upload it directly from mobile, instead of having to transfer the picture

you can rotate it on mobile…

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I suggest this.

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I’m just saying it’s faster to do it with the phone sideways, instead of having to edit it afterwards, unless you don’t mind doing that

That won’t always work though, since it’s not certain the photos will rotate. I personally tried that, but it didn’t work.

That never happens to me, I don’t know what else to say about that

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I can’t help but that moc is amazing

Easy mode: go to your PC, use paint to edit picture, use rotate option, then save. DONE.

or, heck

for windows users, open the image up, and click the “turn 90 degrees” button.

Or don’t post pictures at all.

Problem solved.



But… That’s a good moc…

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Thanks for all your help everyone, I put the pictures up on Imgur, and linked them to the topic from there.

In my experience simply cropping the photos and uploading them from mobile works.

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