Sidorak's first (and last) trailer!

I've wanted to test my skills in editing. It's not that great, but atleast it's better than the first one that I've made wink


I like it, only thing i'd advise in future is trying to avoid natural light with stop motions, as the light intensity varies a little, but even that isn't too much of an issue here. I think it also needs a sound effect when the silver Reidak gets stabbed.

While the thinner shots are a little different to get used to, its very reminiscent of a comic book panel. I'd be interested to see you do a comic version of a story as I feel it may work well also.

Either way, look forward to seeing the finished version :3


@Scarilian I will eventually buy a lamp and an HD camera for better quality. And I've wanted to add a comic book effect, i just didn't figured out how to do it in Vegas Pro.
I wanted something like this:

But I'm sure the begenning of the final version will have a short animation, if the whole video won't have a comic book eff


I was more on about an actual comic rather than the effect, however if you are trying to replicate the effect then that may be a bit difficult. If you mean just the lines around the figure then i suppose you could draw them around the figure for each frame using masking, though that is time consuming.

If you want to have an entirely non-real background... best option would be putting a figure infront of a single colour background and using chroma key, though i suppose you could also use masking but that may take a while.


@Scarilian Thank you! And yes, I know about that GreenBackground effect. I'm currently learning more about the program, these will help a lot!

No problem, a lot of the aspects are difficult to learn at first but you'll get the hang of them :3

I like it, but it could benefit from voice acting.