Sidorak's Moc Topic

Since i upload a lot of my mocs (pretty much every1 of 'em), I've finally decided to make this topic.

So, let's start with my update on my Toa Team.

My Toa Team has 3 sub-group. You'll see what I mean:

"Noble" ones:

Similarites between the two: Same chest armor; same weapon spear+shield; same shoulder armor
And you may ask, why they look kinda the same? 'cause they were transformed into Toa at the same time, and place.

"Technological" ones:

Similarites between the two: robotic, industrial like look; metalic feel; both has only one weapon

"Mythical" ones:

Similarites between the two: Wingz.... that's it...

And yes, I'll be postin' my stuff here,


I approve of these updates.

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I approve of the metru hau
everything else sucks
(Jk, they look pretty nice)

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Yeeah, I knew that i should add more lens flares to the picz

The toa of lightning is my favorite moc in this group. smiley

@Endfilms Thank you ^^
And why?

Just the style and color skyme. smiley

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I really like the spears.

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oh. I thought that was a toa of ice. For clarification for those too lazy to look up their individual topics, what are their elements?

From left-to-right
1.: Ice and Psionics
2.: Stone and Sand
3.: Earth and Iron
4.: Fire and Plasma
5.: Air and Plantlife
6.: Water and Lightning

Forgot to put it in stuck_out_tongue

OK, I guess I was assuming single elements with the normal colors. I'm fine now.

Yeah, I've forgot that. And also forgot to upload their display picz, and the theme song stuck_out_tongue
Oh well now xD


This is how my character will look in (@Ekorak 's) City of the fallen RP
(if it's okay for Ekorak of course)

I think i did a goood job coverin his back



I shall give you.....EKORAK'S SEAL OF APPROVAL!