Sidoran the Tortured

Was finally able to post my first MOC, Sidoran. Here`s the link to the Mocpage page:
Wanted to have as much feedback as I can so I can make improvements for not only Sidoran, but for future MOCs as well. Enjoy!


I can't tell why but I really like his proportions
Also he looks really small for some reason...

Looks awesome! Every piece is neatly kept, flows smoothly, and is well rounded, even for a villain (which I would think be more spiked and rugged-looking). Giving Mocs complexity and detail as well as keeping things smooth is a rare skill. Even the back is well armoured!
The only thing that I would change would be his swords. They look a bit stale.


deffinately streamline and nice

I like. I like how the color scheme, even if it is a bit overused. I also like how much armor it has. Too many MOCs lack in coverage, but yours is not one of them. Good job!


Nice use of the mask. Gives him a unique feel.

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looks very solidly built, but he seems not sure why......

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Well armored, although some things about it seem off (i.e. the system bits on the torso which are kinda an eyesore). An excellent, excellent first MOC to be sure though.

Moc pages are down or something, any chance to upload some photos here?